Gambling & The Advertising Lies

Roll up! Roll Up! Calling All Compulsive Gamblers!

If you’re a compulsive gambler/ gambling addict / pathological gambler or whatever term you want to call it, I thought it might help for you to understand how my compulsive gambling brain was working to see if it compares to yours. For my back story see about me  , Gambling Addiction & Me, and The Year That Changed Everything to see how I arrived at the following  analogy.

Advertising Lies Fuel Gambling Addiction

I finally figured out that a big reason my compulsive gambling continued was because it was operating on the premise of a lie. You see for me, gambling was never really about the money until it became about the debt and even then it was more to do with escape. However, it was at the point of significant gambling debt that my brain began to treat ridiculous notions as credible and this is all down to the continuous lie I was being sold on a daily basis without ever really knowing it. It’s a lie that is being hammered home in every medium you can think of.

Have you ever listened to commercial radio recently? Or Checked Facebook? Read the back page of a newspaper…Or in fact any page? Or my personal favourite, have you ever watched daytime television recently?


If you have then you will have been bombarded with adverts for bingo/ casino/ sports betting sites. On television, you probably know that there is currently an absolute stack of adverts and programme sponsorship run by gambling operators. I intend posting about this in another section shortly, but primarily in the daytime it’s bingo sites that are conveniently linked directly to full on casino sites. Typically, these adverts will show a group of people happily playing bingo on their phones or tablets having a whale of a time… 

Author: Pedro Chapman