OCD, Gambling Addiction & Me

OCD Help

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that it takes years for an OCD sufferer to ask for help. After reading all of this, you’d be forgiven for asking yourself why I didn’t get help sooner. However, as messed up as my life was, I still had a decent job. I was still keeping things together even if it was largely due to gambling…And even if gambling did mean financial ruin. For me, disclosing what had been going on inside my head would mean catastrophic ruin. I would be labelled psychotic and maybe even sectioned. I really would lose everything. Realistically, how easy would you find it to disclose that you couldn’t stop thinking about harming people?

However, in January 2019, I cracked after 35 years of secret terror. I took the biggest risk of my life and I sought help. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and it kind of put the risk of retrieving an out of bounds football into perspective. It was only at this point that I discovered that I wasn’t actually crazy and that OCD could present like this: Pure, and without any outward compulsions such as hand washing or lock checking.

My Pure OCD was based entirely on trauma and anxiety. Therefore so was my gambling addiction. 35 years later, both are now fixed and the nightmare is over. The images have stopped and the cycle is finally broken.


I now know how badly I was affected by gambling addiction, and I finally understand how my mental health played a huge role in it. Quit The Casino exists through that understanding and I am convinced that if more people understood their mental health, they would break their own chain of gambling addiction as I have. When you really think about it, who in their right mind would seek to constantly self-harm keeping themselves in the perpetual termoil that gambling brings if they were functioning normally?

So by understanding how to stop, understanding your mental health, and learning the truth about gambling operators, you too can quit. It’s at that point when you can start to appreciate the all the good things in life again- even if they are small!

If you think you have mental health issues that are causing your gambling addiction, why not visit the community? It’s free, private, and without judgement. It’s good to talk!

Author: Pedro Chapman