The Year That Changed Everything

Then my gamblers brain kicked in again. Clearly I hadn’t been sucked back in to my previous depths because I managed to cash out. I called the IVA supervisor to request that I could pay £10,000 in a full and final settlement and it turned out that I could. I did just that, and once again I was debt free. Yes the IVA had trashed my credit rating but that was probably a good thing. I was debt free and the lesson had been learned!


The Cycle Continued

As the years went by, I still continued to gamble never once really learning from the events of 2004. I couldn’t possibly get back into debt through gambling since I had no lines of credit so why quit something I enjoyed? Thanks, gambling brain! The truth was that I could never have quit because I still didn’t know the reason why I was doing it and there sure as hell was a reason!

So to sum up the story so far…

2006- Won big. Became debt free

2012- Credit file recovers and obtain credit

2013- Start using credit again to gamble

2013- Onward- Debt grows. Debt gets paid with wins. Debt grows again. Debt gets paid with wins. Debt grows again.

2018- Give up trying to gamble myself free from debt and I quit gambling properly.

2019- Still picking up the pieces of debt but living again since I finally found out the cause of my gambling cycle. I have zero desire to gamble again and have developed a healthy hatred for it.

So what makes quitting this time any different from the others? It’s simple. I now know what caused me to gamble in the first place and I’ve now eliminated it. I will share that with you very soon but I need to figure how to explain. For now though I’d like to help you find your cause and join me so we can all leave this ridiculous cycle behind!

Okay, so you’re all caught up…Almost.

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Author: Pedro Chapman